Monday, 22 April 2024
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Adtel provides a fully featured SMS platform that integrates third party content providers into a mobile operator’s infrastructure at least cost. We offer a flexible messaging solution to SMS-enable any application, data, website or ERP system.

The Solutions:

1. SMS Banking and Financial Services Solutions
2. Content Provider Solution
3. Information subscription Services Solutions
4. Utility inquiry and e-Government Solutions
5. SMS Integration Services.
6. Call Center solution

Service Categories:

1. Pre paid Web based Bulk SMS Solution

Adtel will provide you with a web interface on to which you will be able to send bulk SMS from. You will prepay the SMS’ and replenish your account accordingly. You will only require an Internet connection for you to send the SMS. The service is ONLY recommended for SMS broadcasts. This service allows clients to send messages worldwide with a few exceptions. You are able to customize the sender ID to suit your preferences, this could be levitra online us uk your name, name of company or department or service title. Our direct SMSC connectivity has speeds of up to 150,000 messages per hour for each channel.

2. Premium Rate SMS

The Premium Value will be deducted from the SMS user directly once they send or receive an SMS to the short codes depending on the model taken.



a. Dedicated short codes
These are short codes owned by you and they do not require the use of keywords at the beginning of each SMS.

(a). Normal shortcodes (Safaricom and Zain) – Monthly levitra online us uk fee of 10,000/- + VAT
(b). Special shortcodes (Safaricom and Zain) - Golden Numbers are billed at a one off fee of 200,000/- + VAT plus the monthly fee. These include numbers like 5555 or 4040. For Zain, special shortcodes are categorized as shown below;-


Shortcode Set-up fee

 (Kshs Tax Excl) Payable Upfront

Monthly Fee (Kshs Tax

 Platinum Short
               40,000            sildenafil achat france 10,000
 Golden Short codes               20,000           10,000
 Normal Short codes                   0


b. Shared short codes

These are Adtel owned short codes which require the use of keywords at the beginning of each SMS.


4.  IVR – Interactive Voice Response (0900 – Numbers)

Premium Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems allows callers to interact with your communications system over the telephone. IVR is used to enable the caller to retrieve information from a database, enter information into a database, or both. IVR systems allow you to efficiently exchange information, reducing clerical processing.

Billing on IVR
We are able to provide two types of IVR billing.

Per minute billing is preferred when long calls with detailed information is intended for the end user. This will probably take up to three minutes or more.

Per call billing is charged for calls that last less than a minute long.


The Toll-Free service allows callers to reach businesses and/or individuals without being charged for the call. The charge for using a toll?free number is paid by the called party (the toll free subscriber) instead of the calling party. Toll free numbers are useful for businesses, particularly in the areas of after-sales service, customer care and telemarketing.

Toll free service provides potential and current customers with a “free” and convenient way to contact businesses. The client will pay for the E1 connections from the mobile operators to Adtel.


Adtel Ltd Info

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